Our Story


Black Sheep Farm, established in 2011, is located on Puget Island in Southwest Washington. Nestled in the Colombia River, the island has a long history of agricultural roots which Geoff & Siobhan are proud to carry on. Together they intensively farm 2.5 acres of vegetables and fruit using minimal technology, with an emphasis on hand tools. They seek to meet the balance of beautifully crafted produce with environmentally sound growing practices. Their products can be found adorning the plates of some of Portland's most discerning chefs that highlight boldly flavored, hyper-seasonal vegetables and fruits from the Pacific Northwest.

Our Practices

Although not certified organic, we use beyond organic practices. Only OMRI listed amendments are applied to the land to increase the organic matter, pH and nutrient levels in the soil. We use floating row covers, and manual removal for pest control. We do not use any products that harm beneficial biota, as they are part of our beyond organic pest control regime. Instead we sow beneficial insectary borders to provide them with habitat. We incorporate Icelandic sheep, guinea fowl, and, ducks in an intensive rotational grazing regime to best preserve our pastures while improving soil fertility. We use mostly hand tools and human labor to preserve the soil and biology of the land. Farming in a sustainable, ecological fashion is of the utmost importance to us. The mission to do so is what first attracted us to this field. We sow cover crops, water with drip irrigation, and rotate crops regularly. We welcome the beneficial macro and micro biota on the farm, and attempt to improve their environment with our management practices.